Geothermal Heating Offers a Green Solution for Pools

Horizontal Loop: With no drilling required, this method is the least expensive for most. Crews dig trenches, then place plumbing horizontally. Because the lines must run approximately 300 feet for every ton of heating or cooling, this method is more suitable for larger properties,

Vertical Loop: This is the most space-saving option. Holes are drilled so lines can go down approximately 250 feet per ton of heating and cooling. This also can be the costliest method, depending on local drilling rates.

Open Loop: While the other methods use closed loops, this system involves open-ended plumbing sunk into well water. Tests must be performed to determine that enough groundwater is available at stable enough temperatures.

Pond Loop: Plumbing is looped onto the pond floor so it can draw heat or cold from the water. If a pond is close enough and meets square footage and depth requirements, this is usually the least expensive option.

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