Cash For Trash

You stand to make a few bucks on that heap in your truck. Here’s what used equipment is worth in one Southern California community.


Big money can be found inside the heater. Use a reciprocating saw to extract the coiled heat exchangers and pocket $60.


You can get a few dollars selling them for scrap, but you could earn a whole lot more reconditioning them. Service techs report selling them for as much as $400 by simply painting them and installing new grids.

Pump motors

You’d have to collect a lot of them to make it worth the trip to the scrap yard. They’re only selling for $1 to $2 a piece. That’s why some technicians refurbish them. The going rate for repaired units is $99 to $199.

Copper and brass

Copper and brass is where it’s at! Techs would be wise to stockpile copper pipe and brass fittings, currently going for $4 a pound.

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