A Liquid Economy

Expanding Business: The percentage of business owners who think the next three months will be a good time to expand, according to the June 2013 Small Business Optimism Index by the National Federation of Independent Business (www.nfib.org). According to data collected since January 2008, the high (11 percent) for this question was September 2008, just as the economy crashed. The low was March 2009, when just 1 percent agreed with the statement.

Expanding Payrolls: Numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that payrolls are slowly increasing at “other specialty contractors,” the business category that includes pool builders, hardscaping and similar trades.

Wary optimism? While independent business owners have become more optimistic since the uncertainty of the 2012 elections, they still remain relatively skeptical that business conditions will improve much in the next six months, according to the National Federation of Independent Business (www.nfib.org). * Net percent refers to “better” responses minus “worse” responses to the question of whether the outlook for general business conditions will be better or worse in six months.

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