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United Chemical Corp.

Locations & Contacts

  • 3741 E. Telegraph Rd.
    Piru, CA 93040-0429
    P.O. Box 429
    (805) 521-1011
    (800) 524-5550
    (877) 521-1018
    Rick Hild, C.M.O.

Manufacturer Brands

  • Cobalt Cure

  • Easy Acid

  • Easy Ph

  • Easy Ph Powder

  • Green Treat

  • No Mor Problems

  • Pool Stain Treat

  • Spring Treat

  • Swamp Treat

  • Under Water Acid Wash

  • Winter Treat

  • Yellow Treat

United Chemical Corp. provides the most powerful and cost effective specialty pool products in the industry. Our patented quality products are only matched by our diligence in providing education and customer care. Our goal is simple: we make your pool the best place to be.

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