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  • 7369 Greenbush Ave.
    North Hollywood, CA 91605
    (951) 244-9409
    (800) 350-7866
    (951) 244-8679
    Alan Rottner, V.P. Sls. & Mktg.

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The Best Rock Speaker. Period.

STEREOSTONE knows that you want to enjoy Hi Fidelity sound everywhere without seeing the loudspeakers. That's why we have developed our unique Soundstealth™ technology to provide outdoor stereo rock speakers that look as good as they sound and simulate Rock and Stone formations.

StereoStone has revolutionized the manufacturing of rock speakers and their methods are now well-copied by domestic as well as international manufacturers. Rather than using “cement” (too heavy) or “fiberglass” (insufficient density), StereoStone uses several different forms of resin to form the rocks and planters out of molds designed and built at the StereoStone facility. Additionally, StereoStone originated the flush “soundstealth” screen replacing the molded open hole/slotted facia previously found in rock speakers.


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