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StainEraser, Inc.

Locations & Contacts

  • San Diego, CA
    P.O. Box 530838
    (619) 662-1223
    (888) 387-6111
    (619) 690-6432
    (800) 993-8665
    Tracey Dalton, V.P. Opr.

Product Type

Manufacturer Brands

  • Kalcium Killer®

  • R-Teez®

  • Spaeraser®

  • Vinyleraser®

The StainEraser™ Company proudly introduces their fine line of cleaning products designed for use in swimming pools, households, hotels, motels, restaurants, and schools, working on such items as floors, walls, fences, tile, tile grout, patio decks, patio furniture, vinyl wallpaper, toilets, sinks, bathtubs and much more. The StainEraser™ products cleans such stains as calcium, rust, algae, metal stains, paint and more.

The StainEraser™ products contain no chemicals. These products will not scratch or gouge the recommended surfaces. They are designed for ease of use by any member of the family. Cleanup is a breeze.


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