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  • 1604 Mount Nebo Rd.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15143
    (412) 741-4774
    (888) 653-7665
    (412) 741-5189
    Tom Barth, Owner

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Swimming pool installers all across the world are discovering the great value and elegance of our metal skimmer lids. Best of all, it’s a great swimming pool accessory to offer—especially to high-end customers who order a luxury pool. Stock up today, and you can retrofit current customers that have old, unsightly plastic lids. Metal skimmer lids will become the standard in quality installations.

Quality metal skimmer lids are the latest in professional swimming pool care. Whether you are a custom pool builder, an inground renovator, architect or landscape designer, give your customers the best. Metal Skimmer Lids. It's a better way to build a swimming pool.


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