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  • 155 Zehner School Rd.
    Zelionople, PA 16063
    (800) 630-2456
    (800) 630-2456 (ext. 4)
    Linda Hodak, Sls.

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  • Skimmer Arm™

  • Skimmer Grille™

  • Skimmer Plug™

The Easiest Patented Pool Skimmer Closure System Available!

The Patented Skimmer Plug™ offers a simple yet revolutionary method for servicing and winterizing above ground and in ground pool skimmers. A first of its kind, the patented Skimmer Plug™ is superior to any other skimmer closure or winterizing device on the market, being more affordable, as well as much easier to use. The Skimmer Plug™ fits all OEM skimmers without the need to replace the original skimmer faceplate. With no installation or tools required, the Skimmer Plug™ securely fits into the skimmer opening using our exclusive Rovaseal™ thermo insulated expanding layer to plug and “grip” the faceplate, creating a 100% air/water-tight seal. Ice is no match for the Skimmer Plugs rigid outer plate, providing a durable and secure layer of protection through the winter.


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