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Rose Rock Spa Covers

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  • 536 S.W. 29th
    Oklahoma City, OK 73109
    (405) 670-2221
    (405) 604-9096

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For over a decade, we have provided a quality product, withstanding all of the elements that can attack a spa cover . . . sunlight, snow, wind, rain, critters, children and most of all...time. Our covers are made of superior grade materials - from the thread we sew with to the boxes in which we ship the products.

All of our spa & hot tub covers and even our handles & lock down straps, are made here in our factory located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision in every cover that we manufacture.

We will custom make any type of cover that you need!! From a small, round spa cover to a large kidney shaped spa cover with cutouts for waterfalls! We can also make barbecue grill covers to match your spa cover and even a patio cover for your dog's house! The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. We will personally take your order, process it, produce it, ship it to your home and warranty the product you purchase.

We also supply spa accessories such as Nature 2 Chemical-Free Water Purifier, Vinylex Protectant, and Cover-Up Lifters. These products have been tested in our facility and have been found to be the best products to provide to you. We ship them from here, so when you receive your spa cover, the accessories will arrive with it. No shipment will leave here incomplete!


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