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Safety Grip

Locations & Contacts

  • 2735 Commerce Pkwy.
    North Port, FL 34289
    P.O. Box 7500
    (941) 423-5533
    (866) 975-MATS
    Mike LaRossa, V.P.
    Patty LaRossa, Pres.

Manufacturer Brands

  • Designer Mats Aquatic Matting

Safety Grip is a soft cover that zips over stainless steel pool handrails. This American made, innovative, patented product reduces liability and promotes safety when getting in and out of the swimming pool or spa. It is the original handrail cover which has built-in UV protectors to promote the longevity of the fabric and color, making it the longest lasting product on the market.

Our handrail grips prevent burns from hot handrails due to intense heat from harsh UV sunlight in warmer climates and prevent slipping due to oily hands from suntan oil and lotions. This is an especially important feature for commercial applications such as hotels, motels and fitness facilities that have outdoor pool or spa areas to ensure pool safety for all guests. It is also a safety advantage for individual residences, Home Owners Associations (HOAs), and communities of apartments and condominiums.


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