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Mikise Filter Tools

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  • 3317 S. Higley Rd., Ste. 114-295
    Gilbert, AZ 85297
    (480) 840-9020
    (480) 840-9021
    Mike Bunting, Owner
    Denise Bunting, Owner

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Manufacturer Brands

  • Filter Flosser™

  • Power Pic Pro™

  • Power Pic Reach™

Mikise Filter Tools manufactures a line of unique, award winning Filter Cleaning Tools specifically designed for cleaning Washable/Reusable Pool & Spa filters and is proudly the ONLY cleaning tool that the maintenance techs carry in their toolboxes. Why? Because we are the ONLY tool made from 100% Aluminum and are the most durable and effective tool available in the market since 2008.

Our quality patented nozzle designs can power-clean filters from the inside-out or outside-in and all of our tools guarantee a savings of 50% of time, labor & water resources to do the job.

“Clean Matters” when it comes to today’s pool & spa filters and clean filters keep equipment operating at Peak Performance, extending the life of your filters and keeping your replacement filter cost down.

Mikise’s Tools are an Easy Upsell Item alongside any cartridge filters or filter pre-soaks in a retail location and have a 95%+ upsell ratio with New Sales for Hot Tubs, Portable Hot Tubs and Above Ground Pool Sales.

What sets Filter Flosser apart?

• Tested and Endorsed by major USA cartridge filter manufactures

• Only tools the service & maintenance industry carry in their tool boxes

• Carried by many major spa manufactures

• 95% Up Sales with New Hot Tubs

• Defective rate of less than (1) unit per 1000 over 8 years

• Cross over sales into other industries

No other tools can make these claims!


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