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Lutra Aquatics, LLC

Locations & Contacts

  • West Granby, CT
    P.O. Box 292
    (860) 874-5660
    Dave Rowland, Pres.

Lutra Aquatics Can Help Save Your Budget.

Lutra Aquatics specializes in maximizing the financial performance of aquatics facilities. Lutra Aquatics assists in the development, design, and operation of commercial indoor aquatics facilities, helping our clients maximize the financial performance of their facilities through our consulting and management services.

Lutra's expertise is rooted in 30 years' experience operating self-supporting community aquatics facilities. Lutra knows what works.

Just because most swimming pools lose money doesn't mean they should. Properly designed and managed, aquatics facilities can generate revenues in excess of annual operating expenses. Don't fall prey to myths about the financial performance of aquatics facilities.


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