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KRC Rock, Inc.

Locations & Contacts

  • San Marcos, CA
    P.O. Box 729
    (760) 744-1036
    (760) 744-4882
    (800) KRC-ROCK
    Donald Brennan, Gen. Mgr.
    Steve Serrano

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In August of 1984 KRC Rock, (originally known as KOR-ROCK), revolutionized the landscape industry in Southern California with the introduction of a unique boulder delivery and placement system.

The ability to deliver boulders to a job site and place them with an uncommon amount of accuracy and precision has opened new vistas to the Landscape Architects, Homeowners and Contractors. The opportunity to go to a supply yard and choose boulders from an inventory of not only different sizes but colors and styles as well as a new and exciting concept. As the trends in landscaping changed, the desire for a larger more available selection of natural stone was apparent. KRC Rock recognized this trend and continues to add new varieties of natural and manufactured stone to accommodate the discerning tastes of a more adventurous and creative customer base.


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