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Jungle Laboratories Corp.

Locations & Contacts

  • 3001 Commerce St.
    Blacksburg, VA 24060
    (800) 432-6986
    (800) 433-8914
    Jack Maloy, Nat'l Sls. Mgr.

Product Type

Manufacturer Brands

  • Aquatic Plant Food Fabs

  • Fountain Acscents™

  • Fountain Block®

  • Fountain Keeper®

  • No More Algae® For Fountains

  • No More White Scale® For Fountains

  • Pond Ammonia Chloramine Remover™

  • Pond Anchors Away®

  • Pond Block®

  • Pond Clear-Zyme®

  • Pond Clear-Zyme® Concentrate

  • Pond Fizz Tabs™ Fungus Treatment

  • Pond Fizz Tabs™ Ick Treatment

  • Pond Fizz Tabs™ Oxy Clear

  • Pond Fizz Tabs™ Parasite Treatment

  • Pond Fizz Tabs™ Water Clarifier

  • Pond Fizz Tabs™ Water Conditioner

  • Pond Fizz Tabs™ Water Shade®

  • Pond Fungus Eliminator®

  • Pond Ick Guard®

  • Pond No More Algae® Liquid

  • Pond Oxyclear™

  • Pond Parasite Guard®

  • Pond Ph Decreaser®

  • Pond Ph Increaser®

  • Pond Start®

  • Pond Water Clear®

  • Pond Water Shade®

  • Quick Dip® Pond Test Kit

Offers products used for aquarium and pond maintenance.

Products include Pond Start, Pond Water Clean, and Pond Algae Relief.


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