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  • 10 Whitfield Way
    Canton, MA 02021
    (781) 760-6320
    (781) 333-5238
    Joe Masciareoli, Pres.

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  • Bondsafe 680 Ag

  • Bondsafe 680 Ig

This product was created out of necessity for the pool industry because of the strict regulations put in place by the National Electrical Code. Bond Safe 680 is one of the few and certainly the most user friendly products on the market that adheres to this code.

Bond Safe 680 adheres to this code by bonding the pool water. As the code reads, the product must be placed somewhere out of harms way and made of non-corrosive material. Because Bond Safe 680 is made of stainless steel and placed on the side wall of the skimmer, below the skimmer basket it is both non-corrosive and out of the way.


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