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Locations & Contacts

  • 42 Elsie St.
    Springfield, MA 01109
    (413) 783-5993
    (866) 275-0547
    (413) 783-0199
    Richard DeLeo, Ptnr.
    Dan Miller, Ptnr.

Manufacturer Brands

  • Pool Watch™

  • Scan Mate 7 Test Strips

  • The Wave Iii

Pool Watch® is the only testing system you need. This "state of the art" software can be programmed for any chemical brand or chemical program (chlorine and non-chlorine alike).

The Wave III scans tests strips for: hardness, total & free chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity stabilizer, biguanide, peroxide, and borate.
Manually entered tests include: salt, iron, copper, TDS, phosphates, nitrates. Visible water conditions such as algae bloom, clarity, scale and staining are also treated.


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