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GABco Products, Inc.

Locations & Contacts

  • 1540 Keller Pkwy., Ste. 108, Box 230
    Keller, TX 76248
    (817) 337-4200
    (866) 888-8778
    (817) 337-4207
    Greg Blackwell, Pres.

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Manufacturer Brands

  • The Skimmer Angel™

  • Wall Whale™

Since its introduction in 2004, the Wall Whale has been recognized by the industry as the most effective brush on the market. The tail holds the brush against the wall making brushing a breeze. Now it is on the most amazing brush on the market. The new patent pending brush features a large swept surface loaded with big fat nylon bristles. The Wall Whale XL is 20" compared to 18" for normal brushes. The all plastic design is structurally engineered to be stronger than metal backed brushes and is made from no-break polypropylene (the same material they use for stadium seats).

Since before the turn of the century, GABco has been developing quality pool products for the professional and home user. As the designated pool cleaner in his household, Greg Blackwell had a penchant for lazy afternoons and a mind for creative designs. Like Ahab in his quest for Moby Dick, Greg would attack algae with a vengeance. However, he knew there had to be a better way.

Soon, the Wall Whale and GABco Products were born. Using the experience gained from 21 years of implementing engineering design systems, every aspect of the Wall Whale is designed for maximum functionality, strength and durability.


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