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G & P Tools

Locations & Contacts

  • 37 Rivermines St.
    Park Hills, MO 63601
    (573) 431-6998
    (775) 252-5251
    Jeanie Partridge, Sls. & Mktg.

Manufacturer Brands

  • Aqua Wrench

  • Cord Stopper

  • Hytec

  • Sur-Chek

Innovative Specialty Tools and Accessories Designed For Pool & Spa Service & Repair
As a pool & spa professional you are selling your time and expertise. Using tools specially designed for the pool & spa industry shows your commitment to quality. Using the right tools for pool & spa service lets you do the job right the first time and makes your business more profitable. Tools for pool & spa service are an investment in your business.


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