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Locations & Contacts

  • 36 Herring Rd.
    Newnan, GA 30265
    (770) 632-7112
    (800) 733-9060
    (770) 632-7115
    Rich Simpson, Pool Div. Mgr.
    Bob Moore, OEM Nat'l. Sls. Mgr.

Manufacturer Brands

  • Air X™

  • Aqua Effects™

  • Aqua Level™

  • Brilliant Wonders™

  • Flow Skim™

  • Hydroseal™

  • Natural Wonders™

  • Optix™

  • Pool Defender™

  • Powerclean™

  • Protools™

  • Spa Master™

  • Spectrum™

  • Typhoon Advance™

CMP is the premier supplier of pool, spa and bath products, and we truly believe that the difference is in the details. CMP started with a very simple idea: “Take care of our customers and they will take care of us.” This simple idea has proven to be a very good business plan. Pool, Spa, and Bath industry professionals worldwide have grown to depend on CMP products, service and support. Pool, Spa and Bath professionals around the world depend on CMP. If you are a spa designer, pool builder, bath manufacturer or retail store owner, you can depend on CMP products, service and support. Because when the difference is in the details, everything matters®.

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