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Aqua Creations

Locations & Contacts

  • 1547 Los Angeles Ave., Ste. 108
    Ventura, CA 93004
    (805) 672-1695
    (800) 452-7731
    (805) 672-1694
    Eric Jones, Corp. Secy./Gen. Mgr.
    Rich Dietz, Pres.

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Manufacturer Brands

  • Aqua-Glass™

Aqua Creations is the leader in fiberglass resurfacing and replastering of all types of swimming pools, both residential and commercial. We have set the highest industry standard with the use of our exclusive 6 stage AQUA-GLASS™ surface that comes in a variety of custom colors as well as traditional white.

We have intricately involved ourselves with the development and formulation of our proprietary AQUA-GLASS™ polyester resins and gel-coats.

Aqua-Glass™ Is The Best Solution In Pool Re-surfacing Technology.


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