2012 Issues

January 13 2012 January 13 2012

Layering plants for dramatic effect, Catering to minority demographics, Industry advocates work together, and more.

January 27 2012 January 27 2012

Hand-rendered drawings vs. three-dimensional software, Selecting the right filter media, Ultraviolet radiation, and more.

February 10 2012 February 10 2012

Stripping a pool shell without damaging the surface, Detecting and treating stains, Plasterers who have expanded their offerings, and more.

February 24 2012 February 24 2012

Chemicals: State of the market, Keeping tabs on chemical pricing, Preventing heater hazards, Raves: A shield for vinyl liners, and more.

March 15 2012 March 15 2012

Should the industry do more to promote swimming?, The challenges of selling outdoor products, Dealing with calcium deposits, and more.

March 30 2012 March 30 2012

Project Profiles: Landscape architect Charles Hess works in stone, Going through the patent process for a new product, Tips on holding online promotions, and more.

April 13 2012 April 13 2012

Advice for tackling expert-witness work, Out-there complaints from customers, Changing out a heater’s integrated control board, Hot tub experts shed insight on the industry, and more.

April 27 2012 April 27 2012

How distributors are beefing up their services, Questioning the buying power of Groupon, Tracing cleaner issues, How to create a realistic integrated online-marketing campaign, and more.

May 11 2012 May 11 2012

Profile: The London Aquatics Centre, Top athletes promote pools and spas, Service challenges of Olympic-sized competition pools, and more.

May 25 2012 May 25 2012

Understanding both sides of the plaster spotting issue, The benefits of offering energy audits, The ins-and-outs of selling toys and games, and more.

June 15 2012 June 15 2012

Avoiding common mistakes with controllers, Innovations in water sanitation, Automation on smart devices, The debate over free estimates, and more.

June 29 2012 June 29 2012

Special Issue: Top 50 Builders exemplify the best in customer service, Behind-the-scenes looks at two custom cover installations, and more.

July 13 2012 July 13 2012

Profile: David Duensing goes behind-the-scenes of a waterfall installation, The future of salt chlorination, Tips on implementing a training program, and more.

July 27 2012 July 27 2012

2012 Masters of Design: Concrete Pools, Fiberglass Pools, Vinyl-Liner Pools, Waterfeatures and Spas

August 10 2012 August 10 2012

Profile: Check out an award-winning, custom pool house, An exclusive survey on vinyl-liner pools reveals the latest trends, Tracking down the causes for a tripping GFCI when on a spa service call, and more.

August 24 2012 August 24 2012

State of the Industry: The demographics behind pool ownership, The stats followed to predict the future of the economy and pool industry, Pool permits issued year-to-year in key counties, and more.

September 14 2012 September 14 2012

An overview on how to implement a perimeter-overflow pool, Project profile: A perimeter-overflow pool that blends classic design elements with a modern twist, Evaluating new customers/ pools to limit liability issues, and more.

September 28 2012 September 28 2012

Quarterly Market Report: Trends in vinyl-liner pools, How financing changes and increased customer interest are propelling vinyl pool sales, Avoiding water issues with vinyl-liner pools, and more.

October 12 2012 October 12 2012

Maximizing efficiency & pool inlet configuration, The benefits of refurbishing spas, Planner: International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, and more.

October 26 2012 October 26 2012

Applying a proper waterproofing membrane, Women service techs can-do attitude takes them far, and more.

November 15 2012 November 15 2012

The Industry’s Got Talent: Profiles of industry insiders with prodigious talent, unusual hobbies or astonishing accomplishments, and more.

November 30 2012 November 30 2012

Special Report - Glass Tile: In the last few years, glass tile became a hot seller. Now it’s turned into a hot topic, Will Amazon.com be the demise of brick and mortars?, and more.

December 14 2012 December 14 2012

Water-usage in the three main filtration technologies , Advantages of cartridge and DE filters, Benefits of upgrading to LEDs, Mystery shopping as a tool for brick and mortars to compete with e-retailers, and more.

December 28 2012

Two speed pumps as replacement options, Could franchising be the future for pool service?, The nation's first "natural" public pool will rely on plants and biological filters rather than chlorine and chemicals, Is CYA always good?, and more.

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