November 12 2010 Table of Contents

Pump Won’t Fully Prime Field-Tested Tips Pump Won’t Fully Prime

When a pump starts to prime, but won’t fully prime (i.e., you can see air bubbles under the lid), it’s likely that the system has a small leak; and it’s usually on the suction side. Read more

Giving Back Editor's Note Giving Back

Last winter, I was visiting my mother in New York, when she did something that profoundly speaks to the theme of this issue. Read more

A Center for Attention Special Report: Giving Back A Center for Attention

Even in this day and age, domestic violence is a topic that many people would rather not discuss. Read more

Paying It Forward Special Report: Giving Back Paying It Forward

Government studies show that one in every 10 Americans over the age of 12 is addicted to alcohol or drugs — a number roughly equal to the population of Texas. Read more

Friends in Need Special Report: Giving Back Friends in Need

One hundred years ago, some animal lovers in Denver decided they wanted to help the many dogs and cats in need of rescue from dire living situations. Read more

Coming Home Special Report: Giving Back Coming Home

Seven years ago, Blaine Benson traveled to an orphanage in Haiti to lend a helping hand. Read more

Hooked for Life Special Report: Giving Back Hooked for Life

“You go down there now and there’s nothing swimming in those canals, at least, nothing you’d want to catch and eat.” Read more

In the Same League Special Report: Giving Back In the Same League

Children across the country love baseball. Read more

Healing for Miles Special Report: Giving Back Healing for Miles

Several years ago, a chapter of Freemasons was discussing how to send one of their officers to an upcoming ceremony in Washington, D.C. Read more

Viking Pools Purchases Blue Hawaiian Industry News Viking Pools Purchases Blue Hawaiian

The fiberglass landscape recently shifted following the announcement that Viking Pools had acquired fellow manufacturer Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools. Read more

Economic Downturn Hits Commercial Construction Industry News Economic Downturn Hits Commercial Construction

The commercial market has sustained many companies during the recession, but now that segment seems to have largely dried up. Read more

Florida Funding Cuts Challenge Industry Industry News Florida Funding Cuts Challenge Industry

Budget cuts in a number of Florida governmental agencies have meant new challenges for pool and spa professionals statewide. Read more

Texas License Enforcement Intensifies Industry News Texas License Enforcement Intensifies

When Jason Horn showed up for an ordinary service call, he never expected it would get him in trouble with the state — and potentially put him out of business. Read more

Pool and Spa Retailers Give Yelp Mixed Reviews Industry News Pool and Spa Retailers Give Yelp Mixed Reviews

Word-of-mouth can be a powerful marketing tool for the pool and spa industry. Read more

The Power of One Special Report: Giving Back The Power of One

Susie Buchmyer had heard enough. Read more

Rise Above Special Report: Giving Back Rise Above

When Tonia Simpson’s nephew Ian was diagnosed with Down syndrome shortly after his birth in 1986, her tight-knit family felt alone and unprepared. Read more

Friendly Rivalry Special Report: Giving Back Friendly Rivalry

It’s nice when competitive impulses can be cultivated for good. Read more

Hitting the Road Special Report: Giving Back Hitting the Road

Tish Wise’s connection with multiple sclerosis may be peripheral, but it’s also very poignant. Read more

Thicker Than Water Special Report: Giving Back Thicker Than Water

At some point, almost every family faces a time when a loved one needs donated blood to survive. Read more

Granting a Wish Special Report: Giving Back Granting a Wish

When giving to charity, it’s rare to come face to face with an individual that you’re helping. Read more

Make It Write Special Report: Giving Back Make It Write

It’s no secret that a child’s literacy level is a strong predictor of his or her future success in life. Read more

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