2010 Issues

January 15 2010 January 15 2010

Bright spots from 2009, Navigating through VGB compliance checks, Creating concrete decks without stone veneers or exposed pebble, and more.

January 29 2010 January 29 2010

Dramatic pool renovation that includes a bridge, Dealing with online social media, Making smart cuts that will help firms survive, and more

February 12 2010 February 12 2010

Plasterers dealing with the underground economy, NPIRC expanding capabilities, Electronic water testing devices, and more.

February 26 2010 February 26 2010

Weathering out the bad economy, Communication guidelines for techs, Providing great customer service, Automatic cleaners, and more.

March 12 2010 March 12 2010

Price wars build anger and resentment, Retailers confront their workers’ Internet activity, Advances in DPD testing, and more.

March 26 2010 March 26 2010

Maintaining pool filters, Selecting the best filter, Meeting the demands of today’s vinyl-liner consumers, and more.

April 15 2010 April 15 2010

Florida pool builders remain optimistic, Diagnosing discoloration, Creating aquascapes in large backyards, and more.

April 30 2010 April 30 2010

Proper filter replacement, Selling spas on Craig’s List, Boosting the performance of automatic cleaners, Choosing the right market for your service business, and more.

May 14 2010 May 14 2010

Retailers discuss the threat of online sales, Top 50 products, Working through the credit crunch, Dealing with saltwater pools, and more.

May 28 2010 May 28 2010

Investigating substance abuse in the service industry, Phoenix builders enjoy uptick, face challenges, Pavers’ aesthetic and practical benefits, and more.

June 11 2010 June 11 2010

Tips for protecting profits on commercial construction, Phone etiquette for retailers, Working with cellulose fiber filter media, and more.

June 25 2010 June 25 2010

Measuring liners for complex installations, Field-tested techniques for installing and repairing vinyl liners, Covers that meet consumers’ energy savings and safety concerns, and more.

July 15 2010 July 15 2010

Masters of Design Awards: Concrete Pools, Vinyl-Liner Pools, Fiberglass Pools, Spas and Waterfeatures

July 30 2010 July 30 2010

The Solution Book: Equipment Pads, Chemistry, Salt Systems, Pool Covers and General Business

August 13 2010 August 13 2010

Expert take on the economy, Survey: Safety legislation, Pool construction solution, Advocating for the spa industry, and more.

August 27 2010 August 27 2010

Top 50 Builders List, How leading firms fared in a challenging year, Alternatives to staff cuts, Dealing with price competition, and more.

September 15 2010 September 15 2010

Pool contractors acting as marriage counselors, Figuring out the VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act, Advantage of automation , Getting customers to pay their bills, and more.

September 30 2010 September 30 2010

Tales of ‘cut’ cyanuric acid, Techs get clarity on taxes and insurances, Alternatives to traditional sanitizers and filtration media, and more.

October 15 2010 October 15 2010

Fitting safety covers around high-end features, Dealing with licensing issues, How the South is faring in the economy, Preparing your exit strategy, and more.

October 29 2010 October 29 2010

Advocating for the industry, Conquering the Internet, The importance of a pool professional, Las Vegas Expo guide, and more.

November 12 2010 November 12 2010

Inspiring stories about pool and spa pros making a difference in their communities

November 26 2010 November 26 2010

An in-depth look at SVRS devices, entrapment issues, Appealing to customers who have discretionary income, Preview of the Canadian Pool & Spa Conference & Expo, and more.

December 15 2010 December 15 2010

Fiberglass pools: State of the market, Catching leaks in fiberglass pools, The basics of solar heating, and more.

December 31 2010 December 31 2010

Discounts for cash buyers?, Educating customers on alternative sanitizers, E-tailers partner with techs, and more.

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