June 12 2009 Table of Contents

Abandonment Issues Construction Abandonment Issues

When Phoenix-based Riviera Pools declared bankruptcy in fall 2008, president and CEO Ron Ostlund vowed to complete the 50 or so projects his company had not yet finished. Read more

More Than a Dream Construction More Than a Dream

With new-pool orders at a near standstill, the renovation bandwagon is becoming crowded. But don’t jump on too fast. Any renovation project means dealing with a product that was originally built by someone else, and the pool is only as good as their workmanship. In addition, the passage of time can cause a multitude of other, unrelated issues. Read more

Safety First Construction Safety First

When inspecting a pool for renovation, the pool’s safety is the most important thing to check. Read more

Outrun the Bear Editor's Note Outrun the Bear

You’ve probably heard the joke about the two guys walking in the woods who accidentally startle a hungry bear. Read more

Rise of the Machines Equipment Rise of the Machines

Robotic pool cleaners are moving west. Read more

Points on Price Equipment Points on Price

While internet dealers may conjure more negative characteristics of underbidding and unaccountability, a dedicated effort by manufacturers has kept robotics viable for traditional industry players. Read more

The Business of Safety In These Times The Business of Safety

The deadline has long passed to meet the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. Yet, there’s still plenty of work to do. Read more

Competitors Launch Joint Media Blitz Industry News Competitors Launch Joint Media Blitz

Two builders in the Dallas market are putting aside competitive issues to launch a joint media campaign, with help from subcontractors and vendors. Read more

Pool Company Adds Nine Locations Industry News Pool Company Adds Nine Locations

In a time when firms are being forced into contraction and layoffs, ASP Franchising is adding nine locations to its family of pool service companies this year. Read more

Hot Tub Association Taps Four for Board Industry News Hot Tub Association Taps Four for Board

Four new faces — representing more than a century’s worth of industry experience — have joined the board of the International Hot Tub Association. Read more

Pool Companies May Not Be Insured for VGB Work Industry News Pool Companies May Not Be Insured for VGB Work

Pool and spa professionals performing some VGB-related work may not be covered under their general liability insurance policies. Read more

A Force to Reckon With Technically Speaking A Force to Reckon With

As pool industry professionals, we are being directed by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act to install anti-entrapment drain covers and safety vacuum release systems (SVRS) on many public pools. Read more

Picking up the Pieces Picking up the Pieces

Phoenix-based Shasta Pools and Spas made a mainstream media splash when it recently finished, free of charge, a half-completed project by Riviera Pools. Read more

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