2009 Issues

January 15 2009 January 15 2009

Safety concerns around the pool , VGB Act frequently asked questions are answered, Diagnosing pool light problems, and more.

February 27 2009 February 27 2009

Handling pools of foreclosed homes, Combining materials, How home builders are doing more renovation/commercial work, and more.

March 27 2009 March 27 2009

Quarterly Market Report: Automation Products, Automatic controller installation tips, Troubleshooting automatic cleaning equipment, Fitting an automatic cover, and more.

April 15 2009 April 15 2009

Fiberglass pools with perimeter overflows, Referrals as a marketing tool, A closer look at distributors, Repairing equipment, rather than replacement, and more.

April 30 2009 April 30 2009

Constructing pool steps, Energy-efficient automatic cleaners, Idea-generating systems, Javier Payan: Doing what it takes to keep clients, and more.

May 15 2009 May 15 2009

Mistakes when grounding & bonding pools, Finding the right buffer, Top 50 products, Breakpoint chlorination, and more.

May 29 2009 May 29 2009

Project Profile: Renovated perimeter-overflow pool, Equipment rental, Bringing your business in-house, and more.

June 12 2009 June 12 2009

Renovation issues, Handling abandoned pools, Robotic pool cleaner, VGB compliance, Understanding SVRS’s on public pools, and more.

June 26 2009 June 26 2009

Fine-tuning dual drain systems, Installing SVRS devices, Cover issues, Bruce Holmes: Need for companies to band together, and more.

July 15 2009 July 15 2009

2009 Masters of Design: Concrete Pools, Vinyl-Liner Pools, Spas, Fiberglass Pools and Waterfeatures

August 14 2009 August 14 2009

Project profile: automatic pool cover, Business owners’ changing roles, Multiple decking materials, Sanitizing equipment survey, and more.

August 28 2009 August 28 2009

Top 50 Builders, Rebound-ready cities, Industry risk-takers, Powerful Websites, Profitable sidelines, and more.

September 30 2009 September 30 2009

Design challenges presented by large yards, Variable-frequency drives, Aboveground pool sales tips, Manuel J. Perez de la Mesa: Placing a fair price on a pool, and more.

October 30 2009 October 30 2009

Blending fire and water in backyard projectsm Examining the effectiveness of the first nationwide pool and spa law, The benefits of charity work, and more.

November 13 2009 November 13 2009

Pool pricing, Profile: Pool Service America, The need for competitive rivalries, Maximizing filter efficiency, and more.

December 15 2009 December 15 2009

International spa designs, Increasing spa efficiency, Cross promotions, Selecting business software, Troubleshooting in-floor cleaning systems, and more.

November 30 2009 November 30 2009

Inspirational Figures: Frank Lloyd Wright, Golda Meir, Lance Armstrong, and more.

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