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S.R. Smith

Canby, Ore.

Phone: 800.824.4387

Web: www.srsmith.com


For 80 years, S.R. Smith has been helping people get into the pool.  Their reputation has been built on fast, reliable turnaround times, ability to do custom work and the highest levels of customer service.

S.R.Smith is the largest privately held manufacturer of state-of-the-art diving boards, pool slides, rails and ladders, pool sport games, accessibility equipment, lifeguard chairs, and starting platforms in the industry, with more than 130 employees in two plant locations.

S.R.Smith was founded in 1932 by Samuel R. Smith, an entrepreneur and former plant manager of Beaver Wood Products Co. in Portland, Ore. The first S.R. Smith building was located on Macadam Avenue in downtown Portland, and the first product was Douglas fir springboards.


In the 1950s, S.R.Smith moved out to Canby, Ore., to be closer to the Douglas fir and the railroads. In 1966, a devastating fire completely burned the plant to the ground.  While the company was being rebuilt, then-owner, Rene DuPont, found jobs for every worker, and had the plant producing diving boards again within two weeks!

In the 1980’s, through a series of acquisitions, S.R.Smith added stainless steel handrails and ladders, as well as pool slides to the product mix.


In the 1990s, in an effort to keep up with demand and a desire to better serve East Coast customers, a second manufacturing plant was opened in Portland, Tenn.

The 2000s were a decade of abundant innovation and expansion for S.R.Smith. A new generation of rotomolded pool slides was launched, which includes the TurboTwister (shown on the right), Typhoon and Cyclone slides; a pool security products division was added; a line of backyard splash pads was introduced; and a global accessibility equipment manufacturer was acquired.

This year, S.R.Smith opened up additional office space in downtown Canby, Ore., to accommodate their continued expansion.