Virtually everyone has an unsung hero in their life. It’s that person whose amazing acts go largely unrecognized by the rest of the world. (For more on this, see Reflections)

Here, we celebrate those hidden luminaries in the pool and spa industry. Our profiles run the gamut. We start with a look at the people who’ve taken on the Herculean task of correcting misperceptions about pool water usage. Next comes a discussion with a blogger who’s created awareness of aquatics by swimming in each of Philly’s public pools. Third, we talked with an organization that provides scuba instruction to wounded vets, and finally we go across the globe to shine a spotlight on the industry’s efforts to provide clean drinking water to impoverished people in Africa. So read on to be entertained and inspired!

Drought Warriers

Philly Pools' Biggest Fan

Water World

Providing Water