An employee of Cox Pools, a PSN Top Builder based in Panama City Beach, Fla., died while repairing a pool light on Sept. 15. The cause of death is unknown.

Ryan Cook was discovered unconscious by a co-worker in a pool at a Panama City Beach home.

Cook’s co-worker, Jeremy Fields, told police that he walked to the service truck parked at the side of the house to retrieve the new lights. When he returned, he saw Cook lying in the bottom of the pool, according to a police report. He pulled the 27-year-old out of the water and told the homeowner to call “911.”

Yonnie Patronis, who was at the residence, told emergency responders that when he last saw Cook, he was standing at the edge of the pool.

A deputy noted in his report that he saw a black electric line with bare ends inside the pool.

Fields stated that the breakers were turned off and that he didn’t know how Cook ended up in the bottom of the pool.

Deputies administered CPR and electric shocks with an AED until medical emergency services arrived. Cook was taken to Gulf Coast Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. A Bay County forensic investigator said the case is still open, pending a toxicology report.

“We at Cox Pools are grieved by the loss of Ryan Cook. Our hearts and prayers go out to Ryan’s family and our family here at Cox Pools,” owner Richard Cox stated to the media.

Cox Pools told PSN the company plans to hold a fund-raiser for Cook’s family.

Cook, a husband and father of two, worked for Cox Pools for less than a year.