SwimSafe is a new public health program in Toronto that requires all public and privately-owned commercial pools to display inspections results right there where everyone can see them: On the door leading to the pool.

The color-coded system clearly indicates how a facility measures up to Ontario's standards.

Here's how it works:

A green “pass” means the facility is in compliance with regulations, but may include infractions that have no health or safety consequences (i.e. poor record keeping.)

A yellow “conditional pass” is issued to a facility that is cited with minor safety problems that must be corrected within 24 to 48 hours.

A red “closed” inspection notice means that patrons are prohibited from using the facility due to imminent health hazards.

The safety measure is patterned on the city's DineSafe program, which employs a similar color-coded system to grade restaurants.

Prior to implementing DineSafe in 2001, only about half of the city’s eateries passed inspections. Now some 93 percent are in compliance, said Mahesh Patel, Toronto Public Health’s manager of Healthy Environments.

He expects similar results with SwimSafe.

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