As many of you know,Pool & Spa News publishes an extra-large edition that corresponds with the International Pool & Spa Expo in November. The articles generally are connected by a theme. This year is no exception.

You may remember our Expo issue of 2006, where we profiled industry members who had experienced profound turning points in their lives. Each article looked at the event itself as well as how it changed the way the person did business. The response from those stories was amazing. Readers contacted me for months afterward to say how much they liked the concept and, to this day, it remains one of my all-time favorite issues of Pool & Spa News.

So, in planning this year’s theme, we decided to once again focus on individual people and their companies, but with a different emphasis. Rather than basing each story on a turning point — such as marriage or a death — we decided to examine another way that people’s businesses can change.

Our package this time is all about great ideas. We will be publishing first-person accounts from industry members discussing inspirations they had that helped make their companies better. Currently, we’re looking for source material.

Maybe you decided to open a new division, change your marketing plan or build pools using a different construction method. If so, we want to hear about it. And if your idea was a little more humble, well, that’s fine, too. A small change that solves a problem can be every bit as vital to a company’s health as flashier initiatives.

The ideas we’re looking for don’t necessarily have to translate directly to the bottom line. Maybe you tried a new management concept that created a better, more productive work environment. Or how about that piece of technology you brought on board to make everyone’s lives easier?

Feel free to share your moment of inspiration by e-mailing me at the address at right.