I am just finishing up a project that I’m building for a professional football player. It’s been ongoing for about a year, and it’s gorgeous. Everything is grand, with big waterfalls and a big slide. And I use variable-speed pumps on all my waterfalls.

It also has a hot waterfall going into the spa. It sends heated water from the spa to the top of the waterfall, down a series of cascades from one pond to another. Children can sit in these ponds if they like and enjoy the warm water. It finally drops into the spa, which seems to overflow into the pool.

Obviously we can’t really have the spa overflow heated water into the pool, or else we would cool the spa. So we put a “fake” waterfall, which runs on a separate pump, on the front dam wall of the spa. It takes water out of the pool, sends it through plumbing inside the spa dam, and feeds it into a rock waterfall that eventually drops into the pool. This way, you’re able to run all the waterfalls on the whole job without cooling off the spa with pool water.

When the spa is not being heated, pool water will run through the whole system.