In my area, there seems to be an epidemic of unlicensed subcontractors. Licensed contractors are hiring these crews because they’re looking for any kind of advantage they can get in these bidding wars. I think it hurts the industry.

It’s becoming much more prevalent among subcontractors ... [and] it’s going on with a lot of different types of subcontractors, from steel to concrete to tile.

What really worries me, though, are the plasterers. You didn’t used to see many unlicensed plastering crews because it’s such a specialized field that takes a good amount of equipment to do.

And then, it’s such an expensive phase [of the building process]. If plaster or pebble goes bad, it’s a costly proposition to fix. For someone to take a chance on an unlicensed contractor on such an expensive phase, to me, is unfathomable. But it’s happening.

It makes my bids look even higher because I’m using licensed people. I’m running into bids where people are charging less than my cost. So I’m losing bids. It’s hard for companies that stand behind their work. And, I think it puts a negative shadow over the industry when things go wrong.