Charlie Claffey


Claffey Pools

Southlake, Texas

We’re modifying the ways in which our employees work together, whether it’s in sales or construction.

For instance, we now approach each lead as a team. In the past, our salespeople would create the presentation drawings themselves, and our CAD designers only made construction drawings.

But we realized the CAD designers were much more proficient — and faster — with our software than the sales consultants.

So we began matching each designer with two salespeople. Now our designers create the presentation renderings, and after the sale, they are converted into construction drawings.

This, in turn, frees up our salespeople, enabling them to stay in closer contact with customers during construction. The client can expect to see accurate pricing and design within three to five working days of the initial contact.

This arrangement is part of an overall strategy aimed at creating a sales team environment. After the first meeting, usually at the client’s home, we gather in the office with the client, the salesperson and either an owner or sales manager to review the project.

The client appreciates the depth of our organization. And we principals generally have a bit more negotiating power.

We’re treating each lead as a precious entity.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve also consolidated our construction management departments. Previously, each office had its own full-blown construction teams essentially running their own schedules. Unfortunately, this often resulted in inefficiencies, where one office may be overworked while another was underutilized.

Recently, we brought all plan review and distribution, scheduling, and contractor assignments into our main office.

Funneling these duties through one location keeps everyone up to date on what’s happening companywide. We are now better able to gauge timelines across all offices. And it’s also helped eliminate mistakes.

Every single plan now comes across my desk. That’s how I’m able to interact with every customer. And my area managers are free to focus on their primary tasks: quality control in the field.