A spa customer recently sent a letter to Marin Outdoor Living, thanking the Greenbrae, Calif., store for the delicious gift.

She had bought a $40,000 swim spa to participate in post-pregnancy exercise — and subsequently received a box of chocolates. It’s something President/CEO Michael Galica and administrative and sales manager David Theriault send to customers after each high-ticket sale.

Along with the sweets go purchaser surveys. The feedback helps the store enhance its brand name and customer relations.

Theriault says the swim-spa customer enjoyed her shopping experience and appreciated the thoughtful gesture. “She said, ‘It’s an extra touch of class,’” he reports.

He believes the chocolates are an extension of what his store already offers. In other words, Theriault says, “We try to provide good customer service.”

He and Galica are trying various ways to boost the consumer appeal of the store with other goodies. They want to align themselves with companies that sell gift baskets with the same environmentally conscious attitude as MOL. “We’re looking at ecoexpress.com as an option,” Theriault says. “It’s consistent with our store as a green business.

“Customers will respond because they see we care about green [products]. It’s also a nice gift to send to people,” he adds.