If selling was easy, everyone would do it.

And selling to couples — and their pre-existing baggage — can be downright harrowing. 

That’s why pool builders should be prepared for almost anything once they enter a client’s home, whether it’s an initial consultation or several meetings into the design process.

Take Scott Cohen, who could have sworn he was being pranked during a recent site visit in Malibu, Calif.

As the trio strolled through the yard discussing plans for the space, the husband suddenly walked away to tend to a phone call.

“So the wife says they have different ideas for the project, but that she’s the decider and always gets her way,” recalls Cohen, president of The Green Scene in Northridge, Calif.

Just stick by me, she told him, and you’ll get the job.

But then, almost on cue, the wife is pulled away by her own phone call, and the man lays an almost identical account on Cohen, only with him assuming the role of decision-maker.

“At this point I’m thinking there’s no chance I’m ever getting this job,” Cohen concedes. “And I actually started looking around for the hidden cameras, because it was that perfect. I thought someone had to be messing with me.”

So what did he do once both parties were back seated before him?

“I ratted them out,” he says. “I told them I was in charge, and that we were going to sit down and meet about each of the points they had raised, and agree on which aspects were important to them. I didn’t want one person to feel like they didn’t get their way.”