Package pools are poised for growth, even in a challenging market.

  • Line by Liner

Builders offer tips to hone your skills when installing customized vinyl-liner pools.

  • A Wrinkle in Time

Experts share tried-and-true techniques to ensure a taut vinyl-liner installation.


Remove debris: Before the liner is even laid out, remove any loose debris from the pool floor. If you’re working on a sand-bottom floor, see to it that the material is compact.

Sealing the pool: Create an airtight seal around the entire pool to ensure effective vacuuming. Use duct tape or silicone caulking to seal the pool at any joints or intersections.

Getting started: Set the liner at the shallow end. If diagonal wrinkles appear in the wall, the beaded section of the liner likely is out of alignment with the vinyl on the pool floor. Adjust these prior to turning the vacuum on.

Wrinkles in the shallow end: Adjust the floor wrinkles in the shallow end by moving the material toward the wall that the wrinkle is facing.

Set up the vacuum(s): If a vacuum is inserted between the pool wall and the liner, place the hose 6- to 8 inches deep and seal off the top of the liner with duct tape.

Use a plunger: If any wrinkles appear in the shallow end during the fill, they can be removed with a plunger, preferably in a depth between 3- and 6 inches. Knead the material to the closest wall.