“I’m not that savvy about social networking, but I know we have to [do it to] survive and advance.

“I haven’t hired a new person in quite a while, but I’ve just started searching for a director of IT, with a focus on Facebook, Twitter and blogging. They would manage our Website and social networking, and they would oversee the turnover from print brochures and pitch books for our sales staff into the iPad world.

“They also would make sure all Web inquiries are answered instantly. This is very big, because research shows that if someone inquires on your Website and doesn’t have an answer within 12 hours — at least to say you’re working on it — they lose interest and go elsewhere.

“If you invest some money to get it up and running, it’ll pay back in the long run, and it’ll reach my demographics. The way I see it, I will probably end up with somebody between 18 and 25 years old filling the position, because that generation understands it.

“[Actually,] one area of distress for me is the fact that there are not many young people coming up in this industry. Social networking has become crucial and, knowing that us old guys are probably not big into that, we need to call upon the younger generation.”

— Michael Giovanone, owner, Concord Pools, Latham, N.Y.