The leading edge of the pool cover was tinted black for two reasons — to blend in with the overall color scheme of the aquascape, as well as to appear transparent.


A second retaining wall served two purposes. First, it served as a flank on the left side of the pool, and the composite decking was able to butt up against it. Second, it continued behind the waterfeature wall to create a terrace for the equipment pad.

Solid footing

A return on the top of the pool wall created a 90-degree angle, which formed a beam. The cover tracks then were attached with stainless steel screws.

Out of sight

The expansive waterfeature wall provided the obvious shield for the equipment pad, which is hidden from view on the pool side of the wall.

Inside the box

Both the pool cover and plumbing valves for the sheer descent water displays can be accessed via the cover box’s convenient lean-to cavity configuration.