The National Plasterers Council has released its first document in a new effort to provide consumer-facing information about cementitious interior finishes.

Titled, “Swimming Pool Interior Finishes & Chemical Etching Deterioration,” the seven-page document outlines information about how people can expect plaster and other cementitious surfaces to perform, as well as how it interacts with chemically treated water.

The document contains images, graphs and a bibliography to source its research. It also discusses the importance of maintaining chemically balanced water to promote the longevity of the product.

“We recognize that there’s an opportunity here to [draw on] all the scientific knowledge that’s been developed and the opinions that have been written and the research that’s been done,” said NPC Executive Director Jeff Henderson. “The task was to boil it down to a three-to-five page report that could help somebody who’s a pool owner to somebody who’s a service tech or pool builder to understand the fundamentals about how a cementitious finish interacts with water.”

In combination with consumer-friendly information on the organization’s website and videos on its YouTube channel, NPC is reaching out to the public, as well as pool and spa professionals.

“The program’s all about getting the information out to the homeowner before the first drop of water goes into the new pool or replastered pool,” Henderson said. “Let’s be sure everybody really understands what’s at stake here.”

The group intends to produce more documents like this in the future, touching on subjects such as winterization and waterproofing.