Late last year, we opened a new location in Frisco, Texas, which is still in our metro area. It’s one of the hot spots lately. (We still run construction out of our main location, about 30 miles away.) We had our official grand opening in February, and it’s already starting to pay dividends.

Everybody said I was probably more bold than most when I did it, but we needed to be more visible there to grow. There are good competitors in that area, but [we felt the market] could handle another company like ours very easily. We’ve been doing business in that area for 25 years, but those customers have other options and we didn’t want them to have to drive the 30 miles to get to us. So we went to them.

We took on a 3,500-square-foot, freestanding retail store and pool-sales location right out on the main highway. It’s all indoors, but it [feels like] an outdoor display, if you will. We built a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen with authentic ceramic brick-made pizza ovens that we build, freestanding barbecue grills, and the Big Green Egg built in a nest.

We’ve gotten more walk-in leads than we ever expected. One day, we had six brand-new prospects walk in off the street to talk about buying inground pools. They saw our sign as they were driving down the road, and they pulled in.