Here in Florida, we’re not talking about the VGB Act anymore — we’re talking about our new energy code, which was based on the California code and is being implemented now.

We started educating ourselves two years ago. We took classes out in California and went to any class we could. Now the building officials are coming to us, asking us how to handle it. So we’re trying to train the building departments so they know exactly what it means.

The building officials are so busy doing what they do, and they’re just trying to see how it’s supposed to be handled.

The state says ‘This is what’s going to happen,’ but they don’t educate any of the building officials. So we’re walking into their offices, sitting down with them and educating them. We discuss how they interpret the law and how we interpret it. We’ve had a little rough time with a few building officials who interpreted it this way when we interpreted it that way, but we don’t really mind. We’re just trying to get through it.

Feature pumps cause the biggest misunderstanding. Some of the building officials think the code pertains to them, but we’re trying to say, “No, it’s just the recirculation pump.” The whole issue with the energy code is not about all the pumps. It comes down to what your normal-day operation is. You need to turn the water over two times in a 24-hour period, and you need to have it less than 36 gallons per minute.