As part of ongoing efforts to promote the link between water and wellness, the engineering division of the global pool products producer Fluidra created a destination spa for children.

Named Likids and located in the Caldea spa resort in Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra, the project was built with the purpose of giving children between the ages of three to eight positive exposure to water. It will combine fun, learning, and relaxation, and children will have access to age-appropriate water games and water jets.

The new facility got its name because Likids sounds like the word liquids when pronounced in Catalan, the official language in Andorra. Adding the K emphasizes its focus on children, according to Ester Segarra, communications consultant at Fluidra.

To complete the project, the international company used a variety of products, including massage nozzles, water cannons, jets, water beds and a pump room by AstralPool. Tiling was supplied by Togama and the lighting by Ignialight.

Helping kids to become comfortable in water at an early age can help the industry by creating a new generation who recognizes the health benefits of water immersion.

"Likids is a unique project, a step forward in the development of the leisure and wellness industry,” said Ignacio Elburgo, general manager of Fluidra Engineering.

The overall space includes four distinct areas. An access area is connected to the standard Caldea facility. A lagoon, featuring a bean-shaped pool and spa also includes access to the “beach,” relaxation space with waterbeds, and an area with streams, water cannons, a parabolic jet and a round spa. The “soft beach” is a game space with a soft floor made to resemble dunes. A fourth area is reserved for fitness.

Watch the video below for an inside look at the new facility's construction and design.