In a year, families in Sinthiang Koundara, Senegal, Africa, will be drinking clean water from their village well.

The well that several Independent Pool & Spa Service Association chapters donated to has been officially funded and finalized by World Vision, which will drill it. Officials there said construction will begin after their staff returns from summer break.

The project started when officials at Orenda Technologies, a maker of water treatments, decided to offer customers a donation of up to 3 percent of sales in an area to a charity benefiting clean water, rather than offer rebates.

Funds for the well were earmarked for a specific village because a North Phoenix IPSSA chapter member, Annie Abbate, has sponsored a girl in that village for years through World Vision.

The total donations to fund the well amounted to $7,700. IPSSA chapters in North Phoenix and Scottsdale both donated $1,000. Orenda Technologies donated $3,400 ($400 was donated from fees for educational seminars in California). Several companies and employees with ties to Orenda made donations, as did service pool professionals.

Additional donations from PoolCorp and IPSSA Mesa (a $1,000 donation), are going to the World Vision Clean Water Fund, which provides children and families with access to clean water with wells, rainfall collection and purification systems.