We do strictly commercial projects, and it looks like things are starting to loosen up a little bit. We’re seeing a little more activity, and we think it will come to fruition after the first of the year. Things usually slow down into Christmas and New Year. Then you get into the new year, with new budgets, and things start to happen.

There still isn’t much work in California, but we’re seeing projects in Oregon, Washington and Arizona. Some of them we’ve been working on for a long while and are just starting to break. They are not publicly funded. Public works has slowed down. But it’s out there — you have to go scratching around and do the marketing.

The designs are still moving away from the standard rectangular pool to things that have added attractions. We’re seeing spray pads and other different amenities, even though they aren’t waterparks. If they have budgetary restraints, the clients will plan to add features in the future, and we’ll put the plumbing under the deck so we won’t have to tear the whole facility up to make the additions.