Beyond the sound bites surrounding entrapment protection lie equally important questions regarding how the technology works, its strengths and limitations, and what issues remain to be solved.

  • Five Types of Entrapment

Examining the five recognized types of suction entrapment.

  • Product Placement

The SVRS devices and automatic pump shut-offs on the market vary in their placement within the circulation system.

  • On-site Solution

Suction-limiting vents provide an alternate vacuum-breaking system.


When the drain is blocked, water is no longer fed into the suction line, causing the low pressure point or “vacuum” at the pump impeller to lengthen until it reaches the drain and holds down whatever is causing the blockage.

Upon detecting a rise in vacuum, SVRSs and automatic pump shut-offs disable the pump by allowing air to enter the line or turning off the power, thereby equalizing pressure at the drain and releasing the entrapment victim.