In what it acknowledges as a symbolic gesture, the Santa Barbara City Planning Commission has recommended a moratorium on new-pool permits. The city council will take a vote this Tuesday, May 5, at 6:00 p.m. The California Pool & Spa Association is calling for professionals to attend and voice their opinions.

CPSA has submitted a letter of opposition and informational materials to argue that the move would not result in substantive water savings while negatively impacting a $5 billion industry.

The city already requires owners to cover their pools. "Thus, residents who own swimming pools are providing water savings comparable to drought-resistant landscaping," CPSA said in a press release. "If the drought were to end in the upcoming year this proposal would only serve to leave employees and employers unemployed. If the drought were to persist into years ahead, the proposal would actually result in less water savings than what swimming pools with covers would provide."

No proposal is in place to address lawn watering.

This latest development comes as cities are turning their attention to pools after Governor Jerry Brown announced a mandatory 25-percent reduction in urban water usage.