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Throwback Thursday: Swimming Pool Edition

A look back at vintage swimming pools in backyards across America. More

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Man Electrocuted in Pool

A 65-year-old Alabama man died, while his son and wife sustained injuries from... More

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Health Spotlight: Multiple Sclerosis and Aquatic Therapy

A look at recent studies on the effects of water exercise and immersion for... More

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Summer 2017 Forecast: Five new trends from pool care to design

Enhance your business with pool trends your customers want More

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5 Steps to Great Pool Pad Efficiency

Even when a circulation system is literally set in stone, service techs and... More

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For Managers, Here's How to Keep Your Service Crew Safe on the Job

Your employees work with water, electricity and chemicals. Their job is dangerous.... More

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Pool Water Testing Methods

An explanation of the water tests on the market, and how they work. More

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This Pool Service Firm is 'Obsessed' With Chemistry

Industry Veteran and a retired Arm & Hammer exec launch Proven Water Solutions to... More

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Should You Join a Pool Service Franchise?

It's a turnkey solution that comes with training, marketing and administrative... More

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So, You Want to Start a Pool Service Business ...

Industry vets offer advice on how to become a successful independent pool-service... More


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