More stories about Workforce

  • Tax Relief

    Among the benefits of working from your residence are home office tax deductions.

  • Crossing Over

    In this economy, where lay-offs are an unfortunate reality, the remaining employees must pick up the slack for those who have departed.

  • Giving Bad News

    The act of laying off an employee is never pleasant, but following a few guidelines can help the staff member retain dignity, while protecting your company at the same time.

  • Don’t let the loss of a key employee harm your business.

    Many spa and pool retailers are blessed with close-knit staffs.

  • Don’t lose valuable information when your employee leaves.

    For many mid-sized and smaller retailers, the owner and one or two other key people seem to know everything.

  • De-Constructing Jobs

    The U.S. Labor Department last month announced that the nation lost a net total of 4,000 jobs in August, the first time employment had shrunk since August 2003.