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    The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance says small businesses bear the greatest burden of substance abusers.

  • Techs and Drugs

    Dave Hawes has a long-tenured staff and a reputation for strict hiring standards. But 15 years ago, his company fell victim to an all-too-common problem — substance abuse in the workplace.

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    Businesses in need of workers may be in for some pleasant surprises.

  • Manage the Message

    Imagine an employee with a pool and spa store had a particularly rough day.

  • Residential Specialty Trade Contractor Employment

    The construction boom of the early 2000s created a historically tight labor market. Specialty tradespeople, including tile setters, masons and electricians, had more work than they could handle.

  • Seasonal Visas Meeting New Roadblocks

    Advocates of the H-2B program for seasonal foreign guest workers expect an uphill battle in the foreseeable future.

  • You Can Go Home Again

    Chuck Baumann’s commute to work takes a few seconds ... literally.

  • Tax Relief

    Among the benefits of working from your residence are home office tax deductions.

  • Crossing Over

    In this economy, where lay-offs are an unfortunate reality, the remaining employees must pick up the slack for those who have departed.

  • Giving Bad News

    The act of laying off an employee is never pleasant, but following a few guidelines can help the staff member retain dignity, while protecting your company at the same time.