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  • How to Fight City Hall

    Business is tough throughout the country, but in parts of Georgia, things could be a whole lot worse.

  • Across the Nation

    Confronted with a historic drought, the Georgia pool and spa industry also was being plagued by water restrictions that differed from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

  • Salt on Site

    If there’s one ingredient that most pool chemical regimens have in common, it’s chlorine.

  • Methods of Generation

    Electrolytic chlorine generators (ECGs) all operate on the same basic principle: The generation of chlorine from salt water.

  • Court Backs Manufacturer’s Rep in Contract Dispute

    A jury has found in favor of a Southern California-based manufacturer’s representative in its breach-of-contract case against a maker of swimming pool cleaners.

  • In Hot Water

    We call ourselves the pool and spa industry for a reason.

  • NPC Launches Start-Up Certification

    The National Plasterers Council is rolling out a certification program for builders and servicepeople utilizing the NPC pool start-up method

  • Survivors

    It may be the 30th anniversary for the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show, but organizers are determined to keep things fresh and relevant

  • Nothing’s Perfect

    As with any kind of building regulation, designers have already run into tough spots, wrestling with seeming contradictions they feel may actually compromise the disabled

  • Substitute Solutions

    All-natural. Biodegradable. Non-toxic.