More stories about Water

  • Survivors

    It may be the 30th anniversary for the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show, but organizers are determined to keep things fresh and relevant

  • Nothing’s Perfect

    As with any kind of building regulation, designers have already run into tough spots, wrestling with seeming contradictions they feel may actually compromise the disabled

  • Substitute Solutions

    All-natural. Biodegradable. Non-toxic.

  • Water World

    I am just finishing up a project that I’m building for a professional football player.

  • A Good Start

    Major pool start-up methods continue to compete for popularity, but many companies are developing their own variations.

  • In the Zone

    Ozone can provide an effective supplementary disinfection system for swimming pools.

  • UV Uses

    Ultraviolet (UV)-generated ozone is an affordable option that’s becoming more popular for residential applications.

  • Safety Groups: Drownings Underreported

    As a result of ongoing concerns regarding the underreporting of drownings in metropolitan areas, safety groups across the country are taking action.

  • Sizing Salt Chlorinators

    While electrolytic chlorine generators (ECGs) for residential pools have traditionally been sized by pool volume, ECGs for commercial pools take bather load into account.

  • Getting the Most

    Variable-speed pumps have come a long way, just ask Ben Honadel.